How can I join Positive?
    Is Positive free?

    For the time being Positive remains a free platform for all users.

    What can I do on Positive?

    You can join and create exciting courses, webinars and events with people like you. You can also play cognitive games, make friends, share posts and many more. For more information visit Positive guide directly at: positive.maggiolicloud.it

    How can I benefit from Positive as a business or a senior organisation?

    There is plenty of areas for cooperation, for more information please contact us via email: michal@about.positive-aal.com or by phone +48 504 699 600

    Can I become a teacher on Positive?

    Yes, right now you can create courses and events simply by entering Courses, Webinars or Events tile and clicking "+Create Course". For long term cooperation and potential financial gains of such setup, please contact us: michal@about.positive-aal.com.

    How old do I have to be to join Positive?

    If you are an external organisation your age does not matter. For individual users the platform is aimed at seniorsĀ  55+, but even if you do not meet this criterium, but you are a senior-oriented person or want to cooperate with the platform you can join this community!

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